Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your apparel. We are Beth, Walden and Kevin, and we are on a mission to re-think apparel.
What's your name? *

As a designer, I want to know my users! That starts with knowing your name.
Hey {{answer_29883158}}! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Recall the last time you purchased casual apparel for weekend/informal socializing occasions.

What did you buy? *

Select all that applies

Nice! Where did you shop? *

{{answer_29883158}} we shop there, too! Which of the following styles do you most identify with in your casual wear? *

Now, we want to talk about apparel fit.
Which of the following do you most identify with in relation to casual apparel? *

"As an engineer, it's my dream to create the mechanisms that can make apparel that actually fits."

{{answer_29883158}} that is super interesting! Which, if any, of the following product categories do you run into fit issues? *

Does your casual apparel cause discomfort on your body? If so, please help us identify areas according to the following diagram. *

Ah, I see. How do you determine sizing when you purchase casual apparel online? *

How well is sizing for online purchase working for you? *

We want to learn more about you and your activity. {{answer_29883158}}, how much do you train/sweat a week? *

We want to make sure we take into account movement when we design apparel!

What is your main athletic activity? *

It's been a pleasure knowing you! How old are you? *

What gender do you most identify with? *

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